Virtual Showroom

Khaki Glass
230 cm x 660 cm

The patterned accents on this exquisite glass table lamp show off complete texture and depth, making it stunning both when lit and turned off. This beautiful piece is perfect for any space.

Magenta Column Glass
14cm x 600 cm

This lamp exudes a timeless style, a classic pairing of magenta and bronze,
the rim finish adds that luxurious touch.

Apples Pot
190 x 270

Create a beautiful centrepiece or decorative accent with this stylishly eccentric vase.

Chinoiserie carver dining chair
1000 x 480 x 540

If you are contemplating a classic look with a touch of sophistication, then the Chinoiserie carver collection of dining chairs will offer you just that.

Whirl Sculpture
330 x 130 x 290

Perfect on a shelf or mantlepiece due to its striking shape, it would make a lovely addition to any interior.

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