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We are crossing through the doorway into the "New Normal" and as we all navigate where to from here, there is no doubt that more conscious and informed choices must be at the top of the list, with how we live and design our spaces, as being critical in achieving mental, physical and emotional wellness. 

Over the last 23 years of my carreer I have helped families and corporate clients create and curate lifestyles with the planning and implementation of interior schemes. From new builds to renovations and from custom furnishings to organisation of interior spaces. 

With many of us now working from home and readjusting all we have been used to, we find ourselves now more than ever looking for the greater good in all our choices as there is awakening to bring in holistic meaning into how we choose to live.  

The design of your interiors, which is the space we spend so much time in is the foundation of adding meaning to our lives. 

On your next project allow me to guide you though all the sustainable choices in fabrics and finishes that the trade has to offer, with my like minded partner suppliers.

From beautiful fabrics for curtains and furnishings, to supporting local factories and artisans.



I am a lifestyle enthusiast! And without sounding like a cliche, I have an engrained love for all things fine and beautiful.

I have a BA Hons in Interior Architectural Design and almost a quarter century in my design practice, where my clients have been my biggest teachers. Getting the brief implemented on time has always been my main focus, where I often project manage the whole design process, in order to deliver projects that my clients love!

Over the years in my personal life, I have implemented my own sustainability practices and an holistic approach to our lifestyle. I have researched colour, texture, pattern and symbols and how these all impact our lifestyle significantly through design. Now more than ever, I believe sharing this knowledge with my clients is the corner stone to creating successful interiors for our new normal.

I have 2 gorgeous children that inspire me endlessly and keep me run off my feet. And just for kicks and for them I recently launched a range of frozen cookie dough into the market place.  I am also the founder of a brand called The Resort Life by DC, for apparel and homeware which is inspired by ocean living, my next true love.



Hotel Room with Pillows
Well Organized Closet


Creating Sanctuaries & Experiences

As a family girl, working with families to create residential sanctuaries has been one of the most rewarding aspects to my career. Each project becomes an extremely personal mission to consider every aspect of the brief. 
I bring this same mission into my hospitality projects to create an experience for the traveler not to be forgotten.


Ocean inspired living

Established in 2008, the RESORT brand embodies the summer lifestyles found in inspirational hotels and resorts around the world. Over the years I have endeavoured to bring sustainalbitly and locality into my brand by searching for & designing items to enrich lifestyles around this theme and bring the feeling of "HOLIDAY EVERYDAY" into spaces. Kaftans are stocked in boutiques at several hotels around SA. And look out for our Resort Africa collection of fabrics and wall coverings  launching soon.


From home styling to entertaining

I just love to get organised! Rolling up my sleeves to help you get your brief done is a wonderful feeling to helping families maximise their spaces.
This encompasses living holistically. From de-cluttering to colour therapy, and placing crystals for positive energy, to bringing in the principles found in Feng Shui,  I can organise your home top to bottom.
An organised home  free of physical and mental clutter becomes your true sanctuary.


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In support of all the local SA workshops that manufacture my products:
"Team Work Makes the Dream Work ! "