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From Interior choices to custom furnishings and from curating your families wish lists to organisation and entertaining , this all falls under the beautiful banner of lifestyle. Your unique lifestyle! Something Danela Conti understands well.  With 24 years of experience in the business, she attributes her vast knowledge to really listening to her clients briefs and delivering. No 2 clients are the same, she says, and their individual wants and needs have allowed her to research and develop product far and wide to provide solutions to sustainable living that feeds the soul.  



Danela is a lifestyle enthusiast. For her it is the entire package of how we choose to live, not just your interior style or mood board wishes. She will want to pick under the surface to see what really makes you tick. She brings her experience of rolling out home after home to the table to collaborate on ideas in order to provide solutions to creating perfect lifestyles.

Danela has an unwavering eye for detail and an understanding for the layering required for a space to feel like home. Danela has a personal approach & no fuss enthusiasm that will provide you with expert advise to transform your spaces. She has worked on several projects as the designer and as the project manager so that she can maintain crucial deadlines for her clients. 
This passion for understanding the full package of a "Sustainable Lifestyle" offering extends into her RESORT LIFE brand of homeware and kaftans.
She is also a foodie and lover of entertaining, which comes out in several of the kitchens she has helped transform.
Danela lives in Hout Bay, Cape Town with her husband and 2 children.




Creating Sanctuaries & Experiences

As a family girl, working with families to create residential sanctuaries has been one of the most rewarding aspects to Danela's career. Each project becomes an extremely personal mission to consider every aspect of the brief. 
She brings this same mission into her hospitality projects to create an experience for the traveler not to be forgotten. She has a unique way of viewing design tasks and often sees what others overlook.


Ocean inspired living

Established in 2008, the RESORT brand embodies the summer lifestyles found in inspirational hotels and resorts around the world. Over the years Danela has endeavoured to bring sustainalbitly and locality into her brand by searching for & designing items to enrich lifestyles around this theme and bring the feeling of "HOLIDAY EVERYDAY" into spaces.
Her kaftans are stocked boutiques and sat several hotels around SA.


From home styling to entertaining

Danela will consult and roll her sleeves up to help you get organised at home, so you can tap into the value of lifestyle.
From how your home flows to functioning kitchens, playrooms and entrance halls. Danela will eliminate clutter and restore positive energy.
If entertaining is your wish, she will look at your space and consult on what and how to be the hostess with the mostess!

Her Moto...

Team Work Makes the Dream Work !

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