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About I am a lifestyle enthusiast! And without sounding like a cliche, I have an engrained love for all things fine and beautiful.

I have a BA Hons in Interior Architectural Design and almost a quarter century in my design practice, where my clients have been my biggest teachers. Getting the brief implemented on time is my main focus, so project managing the whole design process from start to finish is key, Delivering a projects that my clients love is my top priority!

Over the years in my personal life, I have implemented my own sustainability practices and an holistic approach to my families lifestyle. I have researched colour, texture, pattern and symbols and how these all impact our lifestyle significantly through design. Now more than ever, I believe sharing this knowledge with my clients is the corner stone to creating successful interiors for our new normal.

I have 2 gorgeous children that inspire me endlessly and keep me run off my feet. And just for kicks and for them I recently launched a range of frozen cookie dough into the market place.  I am also the founder of an apparel, homeware, fabrics and textile brand called Resort Africa, which is inspired by my love of African Coastal Living.

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