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Curtains & Blinds 

Do you know the essential benefit of curtains? Yes they add that layer of homely luxury and coziness, elegance and refinment or cool ambience, but curtains do much more than that. Curtains are so back in! According to a trend forecast curtains come up in the top 5 trends to follow. And here's why! 

As an interior designer there is the obvious... bringing in pattern, texture and colour. But if we do our job right, then we must offer you, the client, more than just a skin deep approach to design.

Curtains are insulators! !

They keep our rooms warm in the winter and they keep out the harsh sunlight in the summer, and with sustainability and energy conservation high up on the list of conscious living, this is paramount to planning any room. 

I grew up with curtains and fabric just about covering everything, so I have really lived this truth. Over recent decades the open window feel has been a look to follow, but every time I have added curtains to my clients homes the comments on their lifestyle change has been significant. If you haven't lived with curtains in your space, well you life is about the change.

Here are my favourite ways to dress a window. 

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