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Designing Wealth with Water

How tranquil she sounds, sharing her secrets with us...

How many times have you stood at a water feature or sat down beside a beautiful pond, purposely built in a specific environment, and unbeknownst to you, you are over come with a sense of calm and a feeling of abundant possibility? The serene trickle of a fountain flowing with crystal clear water, the sway of gold fish in the water and the dots of lily pads bringing in the green. It is no coincidence that your spirits are raised! This is divinity in motion that runs through the element of water to bring you joy.

I cannot think of a better time to bring the abundance of water into our lives with intention and to acknowledge its mysteries with reverence as we engineer the beauty it can add to our environments.

As an interior designer, who's ethos is to "design from the inside out" i.e the inside of you projected out into the way you choose to live, the use of water in spaces brings in natural elements, curiosity and refinement. But it is so much more that this!

The art of Feng Shui (the practice of harnessing positive or auspicious chi/energy for health and prosperity), shows us how connected the element of water is to our wealth and health. Water holds Yin energy which is passive and relaxing, the kind of energy you would need in your bedroom or spa bathroom. This Yin energy can also be brought in with a simple tranquil visual of water in a painting or picture, as well as with water, sooting music and fragrant smells.

Feng Shui tells us that water represents money and signifies the flow of wealth, and knowing how to implement this into your home is the key. For auspicious energy, the shape of the vessel that holds the water is very important. Sharp corners and angles are not always good, unless softened with plants and fish, as well as the volume of water to the ratio of the space or home. Too much water, positioned in the wrong space or shape can be too much chi, literally, which could act in the reverse of good energy. The positing of the water too must be seen from the front door or highly visual door ways, as you do not want the flow of water passing though the back of a property, as this is not visible to you, which could signify that you are missing opportunities.

Imagine a small round vessel of water near your front door or in your front garden and how happy this would make you feel as you enter your home every day?

A gorgeous ceramic pot with a small pump in it allowing water to flow and circulate, to which you can add your own ecosystem of fish and plants, who all thrive in their small serene habitat. If you care for this well and keep it clear and clean so the clarity of the water can hold the power of good chi, this will become a direct representation of your larger ecosystem, the one you live in, the one you inhabit and the one you are a part of. And with the right intentions, before you know it, your home will have the most beautiful energy flowing though it. Connecting with the consciousness of water is such a priority right now and realising that we are not separate from this element but rather intrinsically part of it. This adventure can spark such huge transformation, starting with small bits we can all do.

And happy entrance ponds and fountains is as good a place an any to start. Over the coming weeks, my kids and I will be building a little pot fountain... so stay tuned.

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