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How to upgrade your home office on a budget during these COVID times

I have been working from home now for 5 years, so when the pandemic hit and we were all forced into shape shifting our work environments, this was nothing new for me. The only harsh reality was that work as we knew it was going to change, and change fast! After lockdown, when the world started to open up a bit I actually felt a little relieved that so many other people were now in my boat of working from home. Which for a working mom, obviously has it's benefits, I can throw a load of washing in the machine, or water my herb garden while having a quick tea break, but it sure also comes with it's downsides, kids noise, distractions, lack of focus!

My working studio has been in my family TV room, which is a pretty big room, so I have space. But the only quiet time has been while my kids are at school, generally until 2.30, which cuts work and admin time significantly. So over the last 5 years, I have coached myself into a routine that suits my lifestyle. I believe that we are multi-dimensional beings and that we are capable of doing exactly what we put out minds to, it's all about creating an environment that makes you feel good and raises your vibration in order to get to what needs to be done.

From my perspective, there are 2 sections to decorating your home office in order to function in this new paradigm, they are:

1. The fundamentals (desk, chair, storage, hardware)

2. The inspiration (colour, artwork, dream board, rug, trinkets, gadgets)

So the first thing your home office needs is a great desk. Once you have the size that is right for what you do, you are half way there. Next obviously is a good chair. Now with our workspaces being in our homes, I am going to encourage you to NOT use anything that looks too corporate, as it is hard to soften a space visually with something designed for mass function. Even with ergonomic/ergotherapy chairs try and select one in an attractive covering and colour.

Next you are going to need storage for bits, paper, printer etc. I feel it is good to hide these things, as seeing it all consumes mental clutter and sometimes slows down your productivity. So depending on your needs, something that slides under one side of your desk with drawers in it is good. And next to it a small cube for the printer. Now your bone structure is sorted.

Now for some motivation! I like to have something visual and inspiring that is unique to me, so I have opted for a huge notice board that serves as my dream board with my to do list, important dates, fabric swatches, kaftan references, kids artworks and so on. This is on the wall behind me, so during the zoom meetings I have had, it acts as an attractive and interesting back drop. But your options may include a great piece of art, or framed line drawings, or even just a wall painted in horizontal stripes. What ever you feel is going to be authentically you! Painting up your own wall in a mood that represents your brand can be very therapeutic.

Next you will want to put a few things on your desk to inspire you to feel like the CEO of your home office. They could be a votive of fresh flowers, a glass or silver pot filled with a bunch of elegant pencils, a pile of your favourite magazines and books to one side with a lamp for evening working, and maybe stylish picture frames with people you love in them, what ever takes your fancy to having some upgraded "work environment" fun! As an anniversary gift to my husband I redecorated his home office with a huge wall papered map of the world printed by Orms, designed to inspire us to travel more! It must all be about fun, otherwise what is the point, especially in this day and age.

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