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How to harness Energy in your Interior Spaces

Each of our unique environments is an expression of self, right?

This can be played out in colour, pattern, texture, minimalism or maxamalism, depending on your personality, your vocation, your room size and so on, and all of this creates an energy which is both an extension of you and an inspiration for you.

But why is the energy of your space so important for your well-being?

So to unpack this a little bit, we have to look at the word energy and what this actually means.

According to the Oxford dictionary the description for energy is “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity”.

Sustained !! I love this - this is the key word. But I also love that it only denotes energy to our being, our human form. But energy, obviously is so much more than this. Energy is a force, an external force beyond our bodies that sustains our lives.

It can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be captured and built on and it can be drained and lost to something or someone else, which makes how we choose to live with it, so poignant, especially now.

Since the pandemic hit, we have been confined to our homes for most of the day. Our daily activities have radically changed to spending more time shopping on line, working in spaces that double up as either living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basically wherever you can grab some space.

I have been delving deep into the realms on energy from a healing perspective to really understand the simplicity of how we can live with better energy, and one of my conclusions is our internal make up, our emotions and our perceptions drive our energy levels, which in turn affect the daily running of our daily lives.

Modern science too has now appropriated our environments to actually amplifying or clouding over our energy levels.

That’s right, our environments can either make or break our spirits.

For me this has always been true and an easy one to see, as I absolutely love beautiful spaces, and I know this raises my vibrations and makes me feel good. But I speak from experience when I say, some people may look past the immediacy of what your room looks like to adding value to the on going energy of your life. Treating their abode as just a place to lay your head, and that’s it.

But that is just it… It is where we lay our head.

We spend our restful hours there, eating and sleeping. So your subconscious mind picks up the disconnect to the love of your environment and this plays out on your energy.

I think if this is you, then I have 5 quick fix remedies to liven up your space and start the journey of really connecting with your environment. Simple and fun to apply.

1. Introduce another living being! Yes that’s right, something that is alive and needs to be kept alive. This could be a plant or a pet, like a fish. Plants are not only our floral kingdom friends, but they act as energy enhancers. Drawing in carbon dioxide and breathing out life giving energy. Caring for them with not only water but also the conscious act of acknowledging their life, will raise the vibration of your space. Choose something that is leafy and healthy looking for really amped up energy experience.

2. Hang something up that you love to look at. This could be an photographic art piece, a painted art piece, a Mandala or a vintage find. What ever it is make sure you LOVE it and that it brings a part of you to life when you look at it.

3. Add some colour. It is no coincidence that as kids we are given a box of colourful crayons to play with and not a box of grey scale ones. As beautiful and tranquil as neutral colours can be, selecting a colour from the rainbow spectrum can really do a huge amount to raise your vibration. It need not be a bright version of the colour you love, it could be a soft shade of pastel, but the point is you are choosing to live with colour and that can only be good.

4. Pay top dollar for something! This may sound silly right? And very materialistic.. but it is quite the opposite. Even though we live in a materialistic world, we are still kings and queens of our domain and of our being. This is our sovereignty. So dig deep for what ever the ratio is to what you can afford, and buy a beautiful something that makes you feel your power. It could be beautiful bed linen (my top choice, as you spend every night in it. Why skimp?), it could be magnificent wine glasses or a center piece for your coffee table, so extravagant that it is a great story every time you tell it. The point is just looking at it, sleeping in it or drinking from it will connect you to the best. And this will remind you that you are the best, and deserve the best. Only good vibes can grow from here.

5. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Every heard of this? Well it is very true. And I believe we are all creator gods in our own right. So respecting your space, keeping it free from all negative energy, physical mess and dirt will add so much renewed life and energy to your abode J

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